Episode 146: Disenchanted

It’s a super-sized episode to get you through the holiday season! In our main segment, we review Disenchanted, the long awaited sequel to the 2007 musical Enchanted. Was this story of after “happily ever after” worth the wait?

In a bonus interview, Katie talks to her favorite boomers (her parents) about A Christmas Story Christmas, and in her gritty reimagining Deborah casts Katie’s nightmare – a mumblecore princess movie.

In Screen Time in the News, we discuss a roundtable conversation between directors of some of the year’s best and most anticipated animated films like Pinocchio, Strange World, Turning Red, and My Father’s Dragon. We wonder whether the complex stories they’d like to tell are a good fit for their audience and whether it’s fair to expect kids and families to always be ready to tackle weighty topics.

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